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Reading Room


“Reading Room” or "晨读" is a virtual sound installation work that its inspiration comes from my memories of Chinese schools where students were required to read out aloud in the classroom in the early morning in order to memorise any text for examination purpose, while teachers were circulating around the classroom to check if anyone was not reading or "being lazy". Because it often happened in very early morning (6am), some students would fall asleep or be daydreaming, therefore the hyper-reality of the noisy classroom is contrasted with the randomly blurred and morphing sound suggesting the daydream, which becomes an environment that is similar to how Barry Truax described that "connecting the inner and outer worlds or perception" (Truax, 2018). The goal of this installation is to experience the soundscape, the environment of how classic Chinese literature and philosophy are "educated" in modern China, and hopefully communicating different cultures through this collision.

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