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He has been doing a large number of composition projects including film music, commercial music, video games and music for videos. His music for the Online TV series Hero (2014) produced by KingsTV London,  has been published on YouTube and was nominated by NaSTA Awards (National Student Television Association) in April 2014.

His original soundtrack for The Little Prince, a Dance theatre directed by Cheli Lin from Taiwan had its premiere on the 13th July 2018 at the University of Surrey, Bellairs Theatre. 

His soundtrack composed for an Indie Game DCDOR won the 1st prize in the 2019 3rd International BOOOOM! GameShell Game Develop Competition. 


He is currently working on several projects including a Chinese cartoon, a VR artistic project, a sonic documentation and a few sound art works. 

Playing Guqin at Echo Arena Liverpool


Xiaolian Zhang (Stefan) was born in China, studied music theory, singing, piano, and Chinese instruments like Guzheng, Erhu and Guqin starting from a young age. He had his BA at the University of Liverpool studied composition, music technologies and performance. For the MRes degree (Distinction) he focused on film scoring and music technology.

He is currently a PhD candidate at Royal Holloway University of London studying Music Composition supervised by Dr Tom Parkinson, Dr Shzr Ee Tan, and Mr Brian Lock (Former), exploring and researching the Contemporary Sonic Practices and influences from his Chinese Cultural Heritage. His compositional language often aims at breaking the stereotypical and cliched "Chinese sound" that has been practised over the last decades. In doing so, his finds new inspiration from Chinese culture in the modern day and synthesis techniques.




King's TV at NaSTA

Xiaolian is also a multi-instrumentalist. He started practising Guzheng at a young age, which helped to establish his artistic voice based in Chinese music. Later he studied piano, vocal, violin, viola, cello and percussion instruments along his music journey. During his undergraduate study, he practised vocal as a baritone singer with the international opera singer and educator Mr Colin Iveson. He self-taught Guqin when he was 21 years old and later with the World-renowned guqin and pipa master Dr Yu Cheng. He is also a synthesist who often uses his modular synth system to create music work.

Singing Recital at Victoria Gallery Liverpool