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Interactive Theatre: Reimagine Copenhagen 1941,

Commission: Deffraction Theatre 

Premiered Prague Quadrennial 2023

Short Film: The Long Journey

Director: Huaqian Zeng

Premiered Shanghai International Festival 2023 


Documentary Film: Ma Guoquan 2021   

Commission: Tabula Rasa Gallery, Beijing/London.

Director and Artist: Ma Haijiao, China

Virtual Reality Project: Pipa Xing 琵琶行                                                                WangJing Studio, UK/China

Not in this Land Alone  

Sonic theatre                                                                                                             

Director: Elsie Yager, Australia

Virtual Reality Project: The End of Time

WangJing Studio, UK/China


Sound Art: Changing Waves 澜

Experimental Project

Film: Someday or One Day 想见你

Director: Zhenyu Wu, Hong Kong

Sound Art: Disguised in Nature 隐于野

Experimental Project

Music Album: Ambient Album One

Released by XLZ Music


Beethoven Snapshot Commission: Beetle Phone

Department of Music, Royal Holloway University of London, UK 

Virtual Installation: Reading Room 晨读

Experimental Project

White Knight - A Prediction of Covid-19's Mutation

Experimental Music

Lament: Red, Yellow, Blue 红黄蓝之惋歌

Sound Art

The Iced House 冰屋

Ambient Music Single

Four Soundscapes 四首声景

Experimental Electronic Music

Waltz: The Setting Sun 华尔兹: 落日

For Micro Film The Setting Sun


The Valley 山 

For modular synthesiser

Video Game: Do Consoles Dream of Romeo

Blow Fans Studio, China                          



Long be Longing 长相思

For sampled symphonic orchestra, recorded Chinese xiao                                 


Song From the Wind 歌从风中来    

For sampled symphonic orchestra, recorded Chinese xun  


Kong Shan Niao Yu (Birds’ Singing in an Echoed Valley) 空山鸟语

For sampled symphonic orchestra, pipa, synthesiser   

          - Escape 逃                              

          - Walking in the Valley 漫步山中                              

Documentary: Peripheral Television in an Era of Plenty

Royal Holloway University of London, UK

Dance Theatre: The Little Prince

University of Surrey, UK 

Director: Cheli Lin


Online TV Project – Hero

KingsTV London, UK                                                                                                                                       

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